Why Is Your Asian Car Overheating?

If you’re experiencing frequent overheating issues with your Asian car, that’s something that you need to get a handle on quickly before it damages your engine beyond repair. Here’s what T&T Automotive Service wants you to know. 

It Needs an Oil Change

Engine oil is a critical component when it comes to keeping your Asian car’s engine healthy. Oil circulates through the engine, picking up dirt and lubricating all the moving parts. It also helps to reduce friction, which reduces heat in the engine. When engine oil gets older it breaks down and gets thick. Picking up all that dirt also thickens it. Over time, the oil isn’t able to do its job well at all and you might see the temperature in the engine start to rise. If your car has other problems, too, then the oil situation may be enough to cause the car to overheat completely.

It Needs More Coolant

Your Asian car has to have coolant flowing through the cooling system, but this fluid is often overlooked. As it gets hot and old, coolant can break down and get thicker, kind of like what happens with engine oil. If you’re not replacing the coolant that gets lost, the stuff that’s left can’t do its job and the engine starts to overheat. What your car may need more than anything is a flush and refill of the coolant, which helps to remove all of the old coolant along with any debris in the cooling system. With fresh coolant, you may have much happier temperatures. 

Something Else Has Failed

There are other considerations, too. The cooling system and the engine are made up of a lot of parts that can fail. The thermostat, for instance, is a simple piece but if it stops working, the entire cooling system can’t function. This is part of why regular service and maintenance for your Asian car is so important. It’s easy to catch these problems earlier, which can help to prevent overheating altogether. 

T&T Automotive Service in Wilmington, NC can help you if your Asian car is overheating. We’ll thoroughly diagnose the situation and let you know what’s causing the problem. From there we can recommend a course of action that gets you back on the road again in your Asian car without fear that it will overheat again. Call us today and we can set up an appointment for you to bring your car in.