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enginesHere is a simplified version of how the engine in your vehicle works. The engine is a combustion chamber that uses the proper mixture of fuel and air to create small combustions that move its pistons. The gas produced from this combustion will move the pistons, which will turn the crankshaft. This motion moves the vehicle’s wheels. Without the engine working properly, that process will not happen correctly, and the engine will not work. Here at T&T Automotive Service, we strive to ensure your engine is working correctly at all times. We specialize in Asian import and domestic vehicles, and we know how impressive those engines can be. We want you to get the most out of your vehicle. Give us a call today for proper engine repair and service for your Asian or domestic vehicle.

Engine Repair Wilmington NC

Keeping up with your oil changes and other engine maintenance services are the best ways to keep your engine running as it should, but unfortunately, things happen for no reason at the worst times. When driving your vehicle, you do not want your engine to break down or lose performance, but sometimes it is unavoidable. If your vehicle happens to break down or is experiencing engine issues, it is nice to know you have a specialized auto repair shop to lean on. T&T Automotive Service is that shop for you.

Check Engine Light

What is the check engine light? Why does it come on? The check engine light is the indicator on your dashboard that, when illuminated, informs the driver there is something wrong with the vehicle. When you drive your vehicle, the computer system in the vehicle is constantly performing checks, and when one of those checks fails, the check engine light will become illuminated. The check engine light is important since it helps our technicians by giving them a starting point on what is going wrong with the vehicle. The check engine light provides a code and does not tell us what is wrong and how to fix it, but that is when skill and knowledge come into play. Our technicians are highly skilled and have been working on vehicles for years, have seen it all, and will be able to diagnose and fix your Asian or domestic vehicle in no time. If your check engine light is on, let us help you turn it off and keep it off.

Engine Repair Near Me

If your check engine light is on, your engine is losing performance, making weird noises, or not working properly, T&T Automotive Service is here to ensure that does not happen. Give us a call today to set your next appointment. We are your local mechanic in Wilmington, NC.

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