What Do Engine Knocks in Your Asian Auto Mean?

Engine knocks are really annoying. Especially in your Asian car, which is finely tuned to be a precision vehicle. So, what do engine knocks mean, and more importantly, can they be resolved? T&T Automotive Service has answers for you.

You’re Using the Wrong Gas

It doesn’t matter what gas you use, right? So wrong. Your car’s manufacturer lists the proper octane for your car’s make and model in the owner’s manual. That information is important because that fuel is going to be the one that best supports your car’s engine performance. Use the wrong octane level consistently and your run the risk of damaging your car’s engine. 

Spark, Air, or Fuel Aren’t Mixed Right

Combustion is a fascinating process. Air, fuel, and spark mix in the combustion chamber over and over and that’s what keeps your car’s engine running. But if those three elements aren’t mixed in the right ratio, you have engine knocks, which are misfires. Eventually, you also have engine damage. None of that is good news. It’s possible to correct those issues, but you have to know about them first.

Or They’re Not Timed Properly

You can also have fuel, air, and spark in the right ratio, but maybe one or more are timed incorrectly. That means that even though you’ve got what you need, it’s not all there at the right time to go boom. Again, that leaves you with engine knocks and possible engine damage over time. That’s if you ignore the engine knocks, that is.

Sensors Might Be Failing, Too

Another problem that you might have is that one or more sensors that your car’s ECM uses to keep track of everything aren’t working properly. Those sensors can do things like measure air, measure spark, track engine knocks, and more. If the engine control module doesn’t have data that lets it know that something isn’t functioning properly, it can’t make adjustments. That means that you hear engine knocks but your Asian car isn’t responding properly to correct the problem.

Don’t let engine knocks get worse and create big damage in your Asian Auto. Give us a call at T&T Automotive Service in Wilmington, NC right away. We’ll set up an appointment to take a closer look at what’s going on and diagnose the issue. Once we’ve got some diagnostic information, you’ll have a better idea of what your car needs in order to run perfectly again.

Photo by DuxX from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro