How To Take Care Of Your Asian Vehicle’s Tires

Your Asian vehicle has a lot riding on it’s tires, and as a matter of fact, those tires are the only part of the car that actually touches the road. So with that in mind, you can understand why everyone here at T&T Automotive Service wants to see all Wilmington drivers with safe, well-maintained tires. Here are a few tips on making sure your Asian vehicle’s tires are in, and stay in, the very best shape possible.

Get A Wheel Alignment

Having properly aligned wheels is one of the best ways to make sure your Asian vehicle’s tires stay in great shape. Aligned wheels have tires that wear evenly, which makes them last longer and in the long run, saves you money. Uneven tire wear can also be the cause of accidents, so whether your tires are brand new or starting to show their age, the best way to get every last mile out of them is with a proper wheel alignment. And remember, even the most innocuous pothole or curb can cause a misalignment, so if it’s been awhile since you had this service performed, it might be time.

Check For Damage

For as much punishment as your tires can take, they aren’t invincible. Every time you drive, you are at risk for damaging your tires. Things like potholes, screws, nails, and glass can all cause damage to your tires. Our advice is to run a hand over each tire – tread and sidewall – before you drive each time. You are feeling for slow leaks or punctures that could lead to far worse problems. If you do discover a slow leak, bring it to us. Chances are we can plug or patch the tire, rather than replacing it outright. Slow leaks can lead to blowouts, so if you feel one, get it to us and let us take a look.

Make An Appointment

If you want a wheel alignment or you simply want to make sure your Asian vehicles tires are in the best shape possible, bring your car to the experts at T&TAutomotive Service in Wilmington, NC. We’d be happy to look over your vehicle’s tires and make recommendations on how to keep them – and your vehicle – safe. Just make an appointment today!

Photo by fazant from getty images Signature via Canva Pro