How Can You Tell You’ve Got Brake Issues with Your Asian Car?

Your Asian car needs functional brakes in order for you to do anything else with the car, so it’s vital to be able to recognize brake concerns early. T&T Automotive Service wants you to know that the sooner you notice that there’s something going on with your brakes, the sooner you can get safely back on the road again.

There’s a Brake Fluid Leak

You never want to see a brake fluid leak at all. That means that there’s possibly air in the brake lines, which is bad enough, but it also means that there’s less fluid flowing through the brake system. Your brakes could be susceptible to failing at any time.

The Brake Light Turns On

Something else that might happen is that the brake like on the dashboard could turn on. This is a light you might already be used to seeing, especially when you engage the parking brake. But if you see it while you’re driving, that’s a different message and could mean that your brakes are in danger of not working at all.

Your Brake Pedal Doesn’t Feel Right

Pay attention also to how your brake pedal feels when you press down on it. Is it traveling farther than usual? Or does it feel softer or squishier than usual? These are all signs that something might be different somewhere in the brake system, which can cause failure.

You’re Hearing Some New Brake Noises

Brakes are a combination hydraulic and mechanical system, so there is going to be some noise associated with them. But if you’re hearing new brake noises, especially loud noises like grinding or clunking sounds, it’s possible that something is broken with your brakes. That could be a big problem.

The Brakes are Vibrating, Pulling, or Not Engaging at All

When you press the brake pedal, you also need to notice if anything feels different in terms of vibrations or pulling to one side. These can be signs that there’s an issue somewhere with the brakes. If you don’t feel any response at all from the brakes, that’s really bad news and you might want to pull over and not drive the car until you’ve had the brakes inspected.

If you want to make sure that your Asian car’s brakes are in the best possible condition, T&T Automotive Service in Wilmington, NC is happy to help. Give us a call today and we’ll accurately diagnose your brake issues quickly.

Photo by burkkarademir from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro