Four Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency in Your Asian Auto

Everybody wants to get the best fuel mileage that they can get these days and there are some tips and tricks that can help you to do just that. Follow these suggestions from T&T Automotive Service to maximize your Asian auto’s fuel efficiency.

Get the Oil Changed

Your Asian car relies on oil running through the engine to keep it cool, clean, and lubricated properly. That’s a big job and that means you need to be getting the oil changed according to schedule. Failing to do so causes the engine to work harder to give you the same results, which means that your fuel efficiency falls off dramatically. If you’re noticing especially bad fuel mileage, it might have been just a bit too long since your last oil change.

Reassess What You Cart Around

What are you carrying around in your car? You might not realize it, but as you add stuff to the trunk or back seat and then never get around to removing them, that adds weight to the car. How much of that added weight is unnecessary? It might be a lot more than you think, so it’s a good time to go through the car and see what you can take out of there.

Take Care of Your Tires

Your car’s tires are a lot more important to fuel mileage than you might think, too. If you’re driving around with the wrong air pressure, that can make it harder for the engine to keep the car rolling. Also, skipping services like wheel alignments can lead up to big trouble for your fuel mileage. Properly aligned wheels require less effort from your car’s engine to get moving.

Watch Your Driving Habits

Finally, it might be time for you to be a little more diligent about your driving habits. Are you less of a defensive driver than you really should be? You aren’t alone, that’s for sure, but the reality is that when you adjust your driving habits, that can help to give your car what it needs to burn fuel most efficiently. It’s worth a shot.

Still not sure if you’re getting the best fuel mileage possible in your Asian car? Give us a call at T&T Automotive Service in Wilmington, NC. We’ll be happy to perform diagnostic testing to find out what’s happening under the hood of your Asian auto. Then we can give you the tools you need to get back to running your car at peak efficiency.