Four Times You Should Be Getting Your Car’s Wheels Balanced

Odds are pretty good that you’ve heard about wheel balancing as a recommended routine service for your car, but it might not be high on your priority list for tire services. T&T Automotive Service has some information that can help you to understand why wheel balancing is a routine service you need to make room for in your maintenance schedule.

When You Get Brand-new Tires

New tires should have perfect balance right out of the gate, right? Unfortunately, that isn’t how it works. There are tiny variations in the rubber thickness all the way around the tire and those change the weight of the wheel as it spins. The rim itself also has slight variations in thickness all the way around. Balancing accounts for those changes and ensures that the tires get a good start.

Along with Tire Rotations

When you get your tires rotated, which you should be doing every few thousand miles, it’s also a good idea to get the balance checked at the same time. That’s because wheel balance changes as tire tread wears down. Adjusting the balance during the tire rotation helps in the same way that balancing brand-new tires helps and keeps the tires wearing as evenly as possible. 

When You Spot Uneven Tread Wear

Uneven tread wear is a sign that there’s something not quite right with your car’s tires, wheels, or suspension. When things are off, the tires don’t meet the road evenly and the pavement chews away at the tread more in some spots than in others. If you are seeing uneven tread wear on your tires, the first thing to try is rebalancing the tires to see if that helps to correct the problem. 

According to the Schedule in the Owner’s Manual

Your car’s manufacturer lays out a timetable for getting a variety of services handled for your car and that list is in the owner’s manual. The schedule for wheel balancing might include some of the above information and your car’s manufacturer may also recommend other times to get your wheels balanced. Typically, most manufacturers recommend balancing regularly, usually anywhere around 5,000 to 8,000 miles.

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