Four Signs Your Asian Car Should Have an Oil Change

Understanding what your Asian car is trying to tell you isn’t always that easy to do. You might think you’re up to date on everything, but are you really? T&T Automotive wants you to be aware of these signs that your Asian car is in need of an oil change.

Engine Performance Is Way Off

You love driving your Asian car because it’s designed to be a performance vehicle. So when that performance starts to fall off or become sluggish, that’s a problem. You may also notice that your fuel mileage is not what you expect it to be. All of these can be related to how long it’s been since the last oil change you had done. Often getting the oil changed corrects the problems you’re experiencing.

You’ve Spotted an Oil Leak

Nobody wants to see an oil leak under the car. It’s not just a pain to clean up, though. It’s a sign that there’s something amiss somewhere. There could be clogs in the oil filter or leaks anywhere in the engine that are allowing oil to escape. The situation needs to get corrected before the oil leak becomes much worse.

Oil Levels Are Lower than They Should Be

Checking the oil levels in your Asian car yourself help you to stay on top of what’s going on with them. Oil burns up and breaks down over time, and if there’s a leak you don’t know about you could be losing a lot more engine oil than you realize. If oil levels are too low, that can lead directly to engine damage and that’s something that you definitely want to avoid if at all possible.

You’re Seeing Dash Warning Lights

You may not have a dedicated oil light, but that doesn’t mean your Asian car won’t warn you if there’s a big problem with the oil. It’ll probably do so by showing you the check engine light, however, and that can really get your attention in a hurry. If you are seeing any dashboard warning lights and you know it’s been a while since your last oil change, don’t wait.

T&T Automotive Service in Wilmington, NC is happy to help with oil changes and anything else that your Asian car might need. Call us today and we can set up an appointment for services or repairs that help keep your Asian car running perfectly for as long as possible.


Photo by Ake Ngiamsanguan from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro