Do You Need Your Transmission Fluid Changed?

Taking care of your Asian car’s transmission and transmission fluid is a huge part of making sure that you’re able to keep your car running for a good long time. T&T Automotive Service has some information for you to help you understand when it might be getting time to change out your transmission fluid.

There’s Extra Noise Coming from the Transmission

Your car’s transmission is one of those parts you honestly shouldn’t hear much from on a daily basis. If it’s doing its job properly and there’s plenty of transmission fluid also doing its job, then transmissions are fairly quiet. When you start hearing noises coming from the rear of your Asian car along with other transmission-related issues, you need to start getting concerned about what’s happening with your transmission.

You’re Seeing Transmission Fluid Leaking

It’s never good to see fluid leaks under your car. It’s typically a sign that there’s something very wrong somewhere. Transmission fluid is usually very greasy, and it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of reddish-brown to dark brown. You’ll also see transmission fluid leaks under the rear of the car rather than under the front end. If you’ve spotted a leak, it’s time to have the transmission inspected.

The Transmission Is Hesitating

You might have felt hesitation from the transmission before, but not realized what it was. Normally when you press down on the accelerator to get the car moving faster and the engine sends more power through, the transmission responds by changing gears to keep up and transfer power to the wheels. Hesitation is what happens when there’s a gap between you pressing the accelerator and the transmission responding. You might hear some sounds, like the engine revving, but not feel the car move or respond. When the gear does catch, you might feel a jolt as the car jumps forward a bit.

The Transmission Is Shifting Rough

Another problem you might experience is that the transmission starts to feel or sound rough when it’s shifting. The gears may seem to grind before they catch, or you might experience more jolting. If you’re experiencing this along with a transmission fluid leak, you may have big problems sooner than you think.

T&T Automotive Service in Wilmington, NC can help you with all of your Asian car needs. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to take a closer look at what might be causing the issues you’re experiencing.

Photo by chat9780 from Getty Images via Canva Pro