Diagnostic Testing and Why it’s Important

Diagnostic testing is a tremendously important tool for you to have in your routine for caring for your Asian car. Here’s what T&T Automotive Service wants you to understand about how diagnostic testing can serve you and your car.

Your Car Gives You General Information

Your car has ways of communicating with you, but it’s not always easy to understand those messages. Gas mileage, dashboard warning lights, and unusual changes all tell you something, but do you know what that is? Don’t feel bad if you don’t. Most car owners aren’t experts in diagnosing car trouble and that’s okay.

Diagnostic Testing Narrows Things Down

When you bring your car to T&T Automotive Service with a warning light issue or some other concern, we’ll connect a diagnostic reader to your Asian car. That tool gives us data about what the car’s ECM has collected and is marking as a problem. That narrows things down quite a bit, because symptoms like noise or decreased gas mileage can actually be related to a variety of different concerns.

Troubleshooting Intermittent Issues

One of the most frustrating issues for car owners are intermittent problems that only seem to show up once in a while, usually in an unpredictable way. You might almost feel like you’re imagining the problem or that your car is actively messing with you. The good news is that your car isn’t trying to be obnoxious and that diagnostic testing can help figure out what’s going on.

You Can Do Diagnostic Testing as a Routine Service

Most car owners think about diagnostic testing as something that’s only done when there’s a problem, and that’s not necessarily the only time it should be done. Your car’s ECM collects information constantly about what’s going on and what’s going wrong. It doesn’t always tell you about problems, though, especially if those problems are relatively small. Routine diagnostic testing done once a year can find those issues and resolve them before they even become larger problems that your car would give you a more obvious alert about.

Ready to find out what your Asian car is trying to tell you? Give us a call today at T&T Automotive Service in Wilmington, NC. Our experienced auto technicians will do thorough diagnostic testing and let you know exactly what we find out. If you’d like, we can also help you to set up a routine for preventative diagnostics and maintenance that help you to keep your Asian car running at peak performance.

Photo by M_a_y_a from Getty Images SIgnature via Canva Pro