Can I Drive My Asian Vehicle With The Gas Light On?

If you’ve ever been driving home after a long day at work, you know the feeling. All you want to do is pull into your driveway, toss your stuff on the couch, and flip on the TV for a few minutes of “me time” before dinner. But there is a problem. As soon as you left your employer’s parking lot, you noticed the gas warning light in your Asian vehicle was activated. Do you eat into your relaxation time by stopping and filling up? Or can your Asian vehicle wait and you worry about gas tomorrow morning? At T&T Automotive Service, we urge you to stop and fill up on our way home, and here are a few reasons why.

Your Car Is Designed To Have Fuel

Your car’s fuel pump – the component that gets fuel from your gas tank to your engine – is designed to be submerged in fuel. When you drive with insufficient fuel, your fuel pump can misfire, and eventually it will fail. Driving on empty can cause all sorts of problems with your fuel line, so if you are a repeat offender of this bad habit, you may want to have a fuel line inspection done before something goes very wrong. As any mechanic will tell you, fuel pumps are often difficult and expensive to repair and replace, and these problems are best caught early. If you suspect your driving on empty is causing a problem, let us take a look and suggest any needed repairs.

You Could Run Out Of Gas

This is obvious, but in moments of “I don’t wanna!” when it comes to stopping for gas it doesn’t seem like a real possibility. When you drive with the gas light on, you run the very real risk of running out of gas. It’s best not to trust the mile counter in your Asian vehicle, and you never know when you’ll get caught in traffic with no gas station in sight. And then what? You are stuck on the side of the road, waiting for a tow truck or walking to a service station. Just avoid that by getting gas when needed.

Make An Appointment

If you are worried about the damage done by chronic driving on empty, or you simply want a quick car check-up for your Asian vehicle, bring your car to T&T Automotive Service today. We are waiting to help out!

Photo by adventtr Signature from getty images via Canva Pro