What’s Causing Uneven Tread Wear in Your Asian Car?

Uneven tread wear is a bigger problem for your Asian car than you might realize. It could dramatically shorten the lifespan of your tires, and that is just for starters. But it can also cause your engine to work too hard, which can cause damage over time. Here’s some information from T&T Automotive Service to help you understand what’s causing uneven tire wear on your car.

Lack of Rotation

When you skip tire rotations or just don’t do them at all, that takes a toll on your car’s tires. Each wheel has a slightly different “job” based on its location. It handles different amounts of weight and offers different support and traction for the car as you drive it. When you’re rotating the tires as recommended by the manufacturer, they all take a turn in a different location and the wear patterns even out.

Alignment Trouble

If the wheels are out of alignment, that means that the tires are meeting the road at an angle. That causes some parts of the tire to wear more than others and it affects things like engine performance and your ability to handle the car easily, too. Double check the owner’s manual for information about how often you should get wheel alignments to be sure. 

Balance Issues

Wheel balancing also helps with tread wear because it affects how the wheels and tires spin together. If the tire and wheel are heavier in one spot than in another, that means that section is going to spin a little faster and it changes how the tire makes contact with the road. Wheel balancing is easy to do along with other services, especially rotation, since the wheels are already off the car.

Improper Tire Inflation

You probably never realized it, but tire pressure has a huge impact on so much for your Asian car, from engine performance to how long the tires themselves last. If your tires aren’t at the proper pressure, parts of the tire’s surface aren’t in contact with the road and they’ll wear at a slower rate than other parts of the tire. That eventually can cause big problems, including bald spots and other damage.

Problems with uneven tread wear? Call us today at T&T Automotive Service in Wilmington, NC. We’ll take a closer look at what’s going on and let you know what we recommend to fix the problem in your Asian car.

Photo by Leo Cardelli from Pexels via Canva Pro